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Recent poems and short stories (2022-2023) have appeared in journals that include New Letters, TriQuarterly, Beloit Poetry Journal, Pleiades, The Southern Review, South Carolina Review, Barrow Street, and Gulf Coast. A poem is forthcoming in 2023 at The Sun.

Blur, my latest book of poems, has been selected by Lauren Camp for the 2021 Tenth Gate Prize. The book was published by The Work Works in 2023. Thank you to the Lauren Camp, Kasey Jueds, and Nancy White.

My brief fiction piece, “Snow Crow,” received First Place in the Bath Flash Fiction 19th Award, selected by Sharon Telfer.

My book of poems, Book of Years ( Cloudbank Books, Corvallis, Oregon, 2021), has now been published.

Recent stories and poems have appeared in the following journals:

“Horses out the Window.” Story. Fiction Southeast, February 8, 2021,, Accessed 25 February 2021.

“the midwest hangs itself while listening to the bobolinks,” “signs,” “the old men climb a flight of stairs to go to bed,” and “the brothers try to drown each other at guthrie quarry.” Poems. The Shore,, Accessed 25 February 2021.

“Stumpy and Marnie.” Story. Gargoyle, vol. 72, 2021, pp. 239-243.

“the drunks wake in the night on rafts.” Poem. Asheville Poetry Review, vol. 26-27, no. 1, 2019-2020, p. 268.

“blind the years” and “drowned boy.” Poems. December, vol. 31, no. 2, Fall/Winter 2020, 169-170.

“Among the Living.” Story. Concho River Review, vol. 34, no. 2, Fall/Winter 2020, pp. 13-25.

“White Sky.” Poem. Cortland Review, vol. 86, 2020,, Accessed 25 February 2021.

“Ghost Snake.” Story. Cottonwood, vol. 76, Fall 2020, pp. 23-29.

“Across from the Prison.” Story. Worcester Review, vol. 41, no. 1 & 2, 2020. pp. 45-55.

“Post-Colonial.” Poem. Spillway, vol. 28, 2020, pp. 82-83.

Thank you to the editors of the following journals where my recent work has appeared!

“the brothers fall in love” and “father gets drunk with the moon.” Poems. Beloit Poetry Journal, vol. 70, no. 2, Fall 2020, pp. 48-49.

“family anthem.” Poem. Boulevard, vol. 36, no. 1, Fall 2020, p. 90.

“Ontological Snow” and “Winter Auguries.” Poems. Crazyhorse, vol. 97, Spring 2020, 124-127.

“fly-over states of mind.’ Poem. Iron Horse Literary Review, vol. 22, no. 2, April 2020, p. 30.

“The Ends of the World.” Poem. Spoon River Poetry Review, vol. 45, no. 1, Summer 2020, p. 30.

“Ghost Clouds.” Poem. Pleiades, vol. 40, no. 2, Summer 2020, p. 218.

“Conversations Among the Drowned” and “The Secretive Boys.” Illuminations, vol. 35, Summer 2020, pp. 21-22.

“the brothers’ one true home is inside their bodies,” “the geography where the boys live includes an unlatched gate,” and “there is inside the boys a trajectory.” Poems. Tupelo Quarterly, vol. 21, Summer 2020,, Accessed 26 October 2020.

“black cloth of sky” and “feral trains.” Poems. TriQuarterly Review. vol. 158, Summer/Fall 2020,, Accessed 21 July 2020.

“sister rides her stick horse toward eternity,” “snow prophecy,” “the moon opens and closes its gate,” “yellowjacket dreams.” Poems. The Laurel Review, vol. 53, no. 1, 2020, 40-43.

“moon sonnet.” Poem. Massachusetts Review, vol. 61. no. 2. 2020, p. 269.

“spume.” Poem. Colorado Review, vol. 47, no. 2, Summer 2020, pp. 41-42.

“Love Poem at the Speed of Glaciers.” Poem. Briar Cliff Review, vol. 32, 2020, p. 61.

“Long Marriage (Wasps)” and “Lost Prayers.” Lake Effect, vol. 24, Spring 2020, pp. 1-4.

“Squall of Storm off Old Highway 7.” Poem. Passager, Vol 68, Winter 2020, pp. 117-118.

“Father of Fields.” Story. Valparaiso Fiction Review. vol. 9, no. 2, Summer 2020,, Accessed 21 July 2020.

“Old Snow.” Story. Chautauqua Literary Journal. Vol. 17, 2020, pp. 37-48.

“City by the Sea” and “Sacred Departures.” Poems. Mid-American Review, vol. 40. No. 1, 2019, pp. 12-15.

“Bottomlands.” Story. Green Hills Literary Lantern, vol. 31, 2020,, Accessed 21 July 2020.

“Bathers by the River,” “Hair in the Corner of Her Mouth,” “Tree,” and “Up on the Road.” Short Stories. Floyd County Moonshine, vol. 12, no. 1, Winter 2020, pp. 1-10, 35-41, 47-56, 103-111.

“the art of divination,” “dream of the ten rivers,” and “renunciation.” Poems. American Literary Review, Spring 2020, Accessed 21 July 2020.

My novella, Under Black Leaves (2020), has been published by Etchings Press (University of Indianapolis). Thank you to the editors!

Pleased and honored that the Ohio Arts Council selected me for a 2020 Individual Excellence Award in fiction. Thank you to the Council for promoting the arts in Ohio!

My latest book, Distant Fires, which includes poetry, fiction, and a brief play, is now available from Grayson Books. Thank you to Ginny Connors for publishing the book!

A poem, “Long Marriage (Parable of the Skull),” appeared in Florida Review, vol. 43, no, 2, 2019.

Two poems, “History” and “Old Mud,” appeared in Cimarron Review, 206/207/208, Winter, Spring, Summer 2019.

A poem, “Blood on the Snow,”  appeared in Spillway 27, 2019.

A story, “The New World,” appeared in Floyd County Moonshine, vol. 11, no 2, Fall 2019.

A poem, “Wearing Her Dead Father’s Plaid Shirt,” appeared in Poet Lore, vol. 114, nos. 3 & 4, Fall/Winter 2019.

A poem, “Stepping into the Dark,” appeared in Tar River Poetry, vol. 59, no. 1, Fall 2019.

Three poems, “Palimpsest and Sea,” “The First Myth,” and “Aftermath,” appeared in Louisiana Literature, vol. 36, no. 2, 2019.

A poem, “Cemetery Grass,” appeared in Valparaiso Poetry Review, vol. 2, no. 1, Fall/Winter 2019-2020,

A story, “Winter Meditations,” appeared in Fiction Southeast, December 6, 2019,

Distant Fires, my collection of poetry, short fiction, and drama has been selected by Robert Cording for the 2019 Grayson Books Poetry Contest. The book will appear in 2020.

Grateful to learn that my short story, “Balloon,” which appeared in The South Carolina Review (vol. 51.1), was listed as a Distinguished Story of 2018 in The Best American Short Stories 2019, edited by Anthony Doerr and Heidi Pitlor.

A poem, “Self-Portrait as Firefly,” appeared in Beloit Poetry Journal, Fall 2019 issue.

A poem, “Thank You, the Sex Shop Is Closed,” appeared in Bodega Magazine, in September 2019,

Poetry Reading: Penn State Erie, Metzgar Center, 5:30-7:00 PM, Occurred on September 26, 2019.

Two poems, “Small Nation” and “User Manual,” appeared in the Summer/Fall 2019 issue of Alaska Quarterly Review. Thank you to Ronald Spatz.

Two poems, “Shell Casings” and “The Maps of the World,” appeared in the Summer 2019 issue of The Southern Review. Thank you to Jessica Faust for accepting the poems.

A short story, “Through the Wall,” appeared in Narrative Magazine:

A review of Black Flowers appeared in the Spring/Summer 2019 issue of Poet Lore.

A poem, “Numerology,” appeared in volume 68.2 of Epoch (Cornell). Thank you to Nancy Viera Couto for accepting the poem.

A short story, “Summer,” appeared in volume 62.2 (Spring/Summer 2019) of Nimrod International Journal.

A poem, “Moon Epistles,” appeared in the Spring/Summer issue (22.2) of Valparaiso Poetry Review. Thank you to Edward Byrne for selecting the poem.

A Poem, “Gliding,” which appeared originally in The Louisville Review, was reprinted on Verse Daily, April 25, 2019.

A poem, “Wasp Allegory,” appeared in volume 39.1 of Pleiades.

A short story, “Chicago,” appeared in the 2019 issue of Chautauqua.

Black Flowers was a finalist for the 2019 UNT Rilke Prize. Other finalists were Ada Limon and Kevin Prufer. Congratulations to David Keplinger.

The poem, “Field Guide for a Marriage,” was reprinted in the 2019 anthology Voices from the Fierce Intangible World. Thank you to Lenny DellaRocca.

A poem, “Gravity” appeared in volume 26 of Spillway.

A poem, “Love Letters from a Hollow Log,” appeared in volume 35.2 of Louisiana Literature. Thank you to Jack Bedell for accepting the poem.

A short story, Balloon,” appeared in volume 51.1 of The South Carolina Review.

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